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Benefits of Hiring Permit Expeditors

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Permit Expediter

No matter what kind of project you have in mind, whether it is a new home renovation, a construction project, or even starting your business, a permit expediter will benefit your endeavors.

Whether you are embarking on a large construction project or making minor renovations, acquiring the necessary permits can often be a complex, time-consuming process. As the Permit Studio, a leading Permit Expediter in Chicago, we provide a suite of services designed to streamline your project's approval, from navigating the bureaucratic complexities of Building Permits in Chicago to coordinating between various municipal departments. When you engage our professional Permit Expediting Services, we leverage our expertise and relationships to help expedite your project's approval process, allowing you to focus on what you do best - the actual project execution.

One of the key benefits of hiring a Permit Expediter is that we help you avoid costly delays. With the rigorous and multifaceted nature of Chicago Building Permits, it's easy to hit snags and hold-ups. This is where our expert team at Permit Studio can be a game-changer. We understand the nuances of the system, anticipate potential challenges, and know how to troubleshoot efficiently. Our services can expedite the permit approval process, helping you adhere to project timelines and save on associated costs.

In addition, 98% of private rental properties are built-in prohibitively expensive zones. We understand that this process can seem daunting, which is why we will explain here what a permit expediter does, how you can hire one, and the advantages it can bring to your project.

To complete construction without obstacles, obtaining the correct building permits is critical no matter what project you are building. If you begin the permit application process, you are strongly advised to get the services of an expediter who can accelerate the entire building permit process so that you can start construction as quickly as possible.

Why do you need a permit expediter?

Permit expediters are either individual consultants or firms that prepare all the necessary paperwork and manage the application process to expedite it. It is likely that this person or entity will be familiar with all the permit-issuing bodies and have connections within the industry to use those contacts to expedite the permit issuance process for the client.

Permit expediters to take care of the whole permit obtaining process for their clients so that they can concentrate on their daily work, such as building and running a business. Permit expediters to perform the following tasks:

· Assure that all the necessary forms have been collected and submitted

· This information is accurate

· Make sure all errors and omissions are corrected before the submission

· Ensure that the proper permits are obtained

· Make sure you understand all zoning and coding laws in your locality before you start renovating or building

· Handle paperwork and compile data

Keep in mind that a permit expediter can save you time by expediting the building permit process because the permits can take months to fully be processed. You are likely to receive your permit much sooner if you hire an experienced permit expediter. This will allow you to get started on your project sooner. An expediter can shorten your wait time by identifying any errors and ensuring that the plans adhere to local building codes.

Permit expediters are useful in large or small construction projects. The following section discusses the reasons why.

The benefits of hiring a permit expediter

Any building project can benefit from permit expediters because they are valuable in saving time and removing permit processing headaches! Their knowledge of the building process and who grants permits can make your project go much more smoothly since they have complete knowledge of the permitting process. More information about the benefits of hiring a permit expediter is provided below:

Their expertise is unique

If you hire a permit expediter, you can take advantage of knowing all the details about permitting granting authorities and regulations because they have a full understanding of what needs to be done. In this way, they will likely help you obtain your permit on time since they typically know the local laws and areas.

Many of the tedious tasks are taken care of by them

In addition to collecting data, researching laws, handling paperwork, making checklists, and filing permits, a permit expediter also researches laws and regulations. Permits don't have to be applied again, so you do not have to do all the tedious work. In most cases, they will also meet with any city officials so that you do not have to.

Local expertise based on extensive experience

Permit expediters thoroughly study local building codes and laws because they strive to know the permit application process. The benefit of this is that they can reach the right people more quickly, advise their clients correctly, and get approval as quickly as possible.

Permit expediters will possess extensive experience and local knowledge that will contribute significantly to the success of your development plans. Local building codes should be included in this knowledge. Hopefully, you will be able to make adjustments early enough so that the project is not delayed too long if your development plans fall short of local requirements.

Having local knowledge allows expediters to understand how to proceed and who to contact to guarantee a smooth development process. Bringing in a permit expediter early in the development process will help you avoid project delays, thereby saving time.

Shorter Waiting Times

Permit expediters can help to complete the permit process without a lot of hassle, which means that you will get a permit in the shortest amount of time. It means you will be able to start on your project quicker than if you applied for a permit on your own time.

When it comes to building permits, expediters know who to speak with. As well as having extensive knowledge of the issues that may arise during the application process, they will be able to guide you through them and ensure you avoid problems that could extend the process.

An expediter can help you obtain a building permit as quickly as possible in many cases. Having your permit in hand so quickly makes it possible to begin construction sooner than you could have if you had applied for the permit yourself.

They make sure you follow any laws and ordinances

They understand where there may be challenges that you could not anticipate and prepare for because they know local building laws well. Getting a permit expediter ensures that your project stays within legal restrictions. For new and unique design types, they will even ensure code compliance.

Besides the knowledge of local processes, permit expediters to possess knowledge about the laws and codes of the area. Based on the type of building that is being constructed, the codes and laws could vary. The types of codes will be based on if you live in Chicago or within the surrounding areas. In order to prevent any mistakes, it is best to use a permit expediter as it could help you to avoid multiple applications and inspections before a problem is found.

Oversee the project management process

The permit expediting process is overseen by permit expediters from beginning to end. By reducing the number of significant projects you are responsible for, you have a smaller workload.

Hiring a local permit expediter has the most obvious benefit of allowing them to manage your project from beginning to end. You can significantly reduce your stress levels by letting someone else handle the project. You should hire a permit expediter who can expedite the process for the project while facilitating a faster approval.

Determine what departments you will need in your building

If you have many permits to obtain for your construction project, distinguishing between different departments cannot be easy. You won't have to spend hours figuring out which department is meant to handle a particular permit type since a permit expediter can identify the appropriate department.

Different building departments will handle permits for different types of construction. The building permit process may be challenging to understand if you aren't working with a permit expediter.

Permit expediters can determine which department should be handling your application so that you never have to waste your time searching for the right office. Don't mistakenly submit the building permit application to the wrong department, which could cause your development project to be delayed significantly.

You don't have to do the research

Legal implications, licensing, and building permits will need to be studied for more complex projects. Also, a permit expeditor is familiar with the industry and can handle all of this on your behalf, again saving you time.

A permit expediter also conducts research for you, which saves you time. Suppose you're planning on developing a relatively complex project. In that case, research is essential if you want to find out what permits you may need, what licensing requirements you may need, and your project's legal implications.

A permit expediter based in your area has comprehensive experience dealing with various types of construction projects, which means that they have a good understanding of your project's licensing requirements and legal implications. You don't have to worry about their research for anything they aren't sure about.

They monitor changes and reviews

The permitting process is slowed down by the revision of designs when there is a permit application. Permit expediters will monitor and review all forms needed so that any project you have can be done in a timely fashion.

Some building permits are usually approved from hours after applying, or it could be months later. Processing an application can, however, take several months because of revisions needed. Whenever your development plans don't meet building codes in some areas, there will need revisions to ensure construction can continue without issue.

If you need any changes or reviews, an expediter will assist with the process. If any changes are necessary, they will resubmit the forms for you. It is essential to have a permit expediter on hand when changing your plans, as they know local building codes and guidelines. Their expertise should make future changes unnecessary, enabling you to complete the project on time and within budget.

They know how to estimate building costs

Furthermore, permit expediters will help clients understand their budgets and help them choose materials within code compliance regulations.

A permit expediter understands how to make a project meets code compliance requirements throughout your area, which means they know which materials to use to adhere to these regulations. Your permit expediter can help you choose which materials are permitted for your project based on this information.

Their understanding of the materials that would work best for different projects can also prove helpful when making a detailed budget for a development project.

Streamlined communication

Permit expeditors help you to get clear communication going from the project team to the building department from day one of your building project.

Legal problems can be avoided

In the complex world of building permits, even well-intentioned builders and business owners can easily make mistakes and stumble into legal pitfalls-especially if they are unfamiliar with the legal requirements of a particular area, county, or town. If you use a permit expediter, you can be completely confident that your permit will be issued in full compliance. Plus, you'll avoid penalties and fines.

Handles all licensing paperwork or documents

A permit expediter can help you save time and frustration by handling all the documentation and paperwork involved with the building permit process.

A permit expediter will also assist you in collecting all the required paperwork and in completing the building permit application, along with reviewing your construction records and development plans. Permit expediters will handle everything you need to get a building permit.

Accurate timelines

A timeline is essential for estimating costs in protracted construction projects, whether they are skyscrapers or single-family homes. Since more time spent on construction means more money spent on labor and overhead, clients try to complete projects as soon as possible to save capital. The value of a building can only be realized after it is constructed. It is important not to aim for too fast a timeline, as unrealistic expectations may lead to inaccurate cost estimates.

Permit expediters are there to provide clients with everything needed for building permits. They are responsible for reviewing the timelines developed by architects and project managers and whether they need to be corrected. The permit expediter follows the timeline as closely as possible once it has been set.

Hiring a Permit Expediter can Help You to Maximize Your Availablity

Permit expediting in your area provides you with several benefits that will only enhance the development process. Hiring a permit expediter has numerous benefits, including shorter waiting periods and less paperwork for you to handle. Additionally, permit expediters can help relieve your stress by handling all aspects of getting a building permit.

You can hire a permit expediter and take advantage of the many benefits they provide. It is pretty easy to do. Picking the proper permit expediter is the most crucial consideration when selecting one. In the first place, you should seek a permit expediter who has experience with projects like yours. They should have also completed several projects.

Identify which permits expeditors to have positive customer reviews by typing each on Google so that you can determine if they are trustworthy. If you choose a permit expediter, make sure they are a reputable company like Permit Studio. The following guidelines will make it easy to find a permit expeditor you can trust.

Final thoughts

Permit expediting can streamline the entire permitting process, and it may not be worth the headache if you don't hire a permit expediter. Even better, by using our services, you'll save hours you could use growing your business or working on your home project.

Our comprehensive Permit Management approach ensures we stay on top of the latest code changes and local laws to keep your project on track. Whether it's a residential remodel or a large-scale commercial project, Permit Studio is the ideal partner for all your permit needs.

Interested to learn more? Visit our homepage or contact us to discover how we can expedite your Chicago building permits and permit expediting process today.


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