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We Expedite Your Chicago Department of Transportation Project’s - CDOT Permits


If your construction, renovation, or remodeling project includes work on a public way infrastructure, then you will need to apply for a permit from the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT). At Permit Studio, we have worked with hundreds of clients to expedite CDOT permits on projects large and small. Our CDOT permit expediting process can help keep your project on track and reduce any possible delays. 


About the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for any public way infrastructure in the City of Chicago. These responsibilities include the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and management of any public way infrastructure The CDOT also reviews and issues permits for any construction that will take place on a public way. 

Types of Permits Issued by the CDOT 

The CDOT issues several different types of permits that involve public way infrastructure. At Permit Studio, we can provide expedited service of all CDOT permits, including the following: 

Outdoor Restaurant

BACP Grant of Privilege Permits

If you are looking to receive a permit for your business that involves a public way, then you will need to get a BACP Grant of Privilege Permit. These permits allow your business to do anything from operating a sidewalk cafe to applying for a collection bin. 


During the application process for a BACP Grant of Privilege Permit, you will likely have to make sure that your business is in compliance with various ordinances. For instance, those applying for a Sidewalk cafe permit will have to be in compliance with the Sidewalk Cafe Ordinance as well as the Sidewalk Cafe Accessibility Requirements and Sidewalk Cafe Rules and Regulations. 

Our permit expediting team is well familiar with these ordinances, rules, and regulations regarding BACP Grant of Privilege Permits and can expedite the application process to ensure a quick approval. 

Industrial Smoke

CDPH Air Quality Permit

If you are looking to operate, install, erect, construct, reconstruct, alter or add a piece of regulated equipment that could affect public air quality, then you will need to apply for a CDPH Air Quality Permit. This permit will cover any combustion equipment, pollution control device, process equipment, or process area as defined by the Chicago Department of Public Health. 


Sometimes, applicants are unsure whether or not their project will require a CPDH Air Quality Permit. Our team can review your plans and confirm whether or not you need an air quality permit. Since this permit can only be applied for online, we can quickly navigate through the City of Chicago Permit Portal and process your application. 

Rock Rubble

CDPH Asbestos / Demolition NOI

Projects that involve the non-emergency demolition of a property will need to apply for a Demolition Notice of Intent (NOI). This form must be submitted to the City of Chicago no less than 10 days before the date of demolition. For emergency demolitions, the form must be submitted as soon as practical but no less than one day before the date of the demolition. Also, note that an asbestos contractor must be onsite during the time of an emergency demolition. This same non-emergency and emergency Demolition NOI rules also apply for a CDPH Asbestos Abatement. An exception to the CDPH Asbestos Abatement is made for single-family residences. 


If your project will involve demolition during any part of its process, then it is critical that CDPH Asbestos Abatement and Demolition NOI forms are submitted properly. Our team can ensure that all forms are processed on time to prevent any delays on your demolition timeline. 

City Intersection

Opening in the Public Right of Way

Projects that will require opening in a Public Right of Way will require an Opening in the Public Right of Way permit as well as a Dig Ticket. As an example, if your project includes opening a driveway that crosses a sidewalk (public right of way), then a permit needs to be pulled. 


Since this type of permit will require closing a public right of way, it is important that the permit is submitted with the proper amount of lead time. At Permit Studio, we have handled a number of Opening in Public Right of Way permits. We will be able to advise your team when to submit for permit approval. 

Construction in Progress

Construction Dumpsters

Construction dumpsters that are located on public property will require a permit. Currently, the City of Chicago offers two duration construction dumpster permits (3 days and 30 days). Also, note that the pricing of the permit will depend on its city location as well as its placement. For instance, construction dumpsters located in the Central Business City of Chicago will have a higher permit fee. Also, construction dumpsters placed in front of a parking meter will be assessed a special fee. Finally, construction dumpsters need to be placed at least 10 feet from each other. 

Exterior of Modern Garage

CDOT Proposed Driveway Permit

There are several agencies, ordinances, rules, and regulations that are involved in the simple process of trying to construct a driveway in the City of Chicago. Agencies you may have to apply with include CDOT’s Division of Engineering and the Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS). Our Permit Expediting team has helped hundreds of our clients successfully gain approval for their CDOT Proposed Driveway Permit. We can provide your team with the proper guidance needed to ensure that you get permit approval as soon as possible. 

CDOT Driveway Periodic Application Process

If your project always possesses a driveway in the City of Chicago but does not have a permit for that driveway, you can apply for a “periodic driveway permit.” This application process applies to both residential and commercial properties. The application process will require the submission of the following documents and information: 

  • Plat of Survey or Site Plan

  • Alley Access Approval (Ordinance) Letter (if necessary)

  • Photograph

  • Property deed

  • Certificate of insurance 

Plat of Survey or Site Plan

Alley Access Approval Letter


Property deed

Certificate of insurance 

Fun Outdoors

Expanded Outdoor Dining/Make Way for People

If you are looking to expand your eatery with outside dining in a Public Right of Way area or if you want to apply for a Make Way for People platform, then you will have the file the proper forms with the CDOT. We can provide guidance to help get approvals in the quickest time possible. 

Farmers Market Registrations

If you plan to have a Farmers Market located on public property, including city streets and sidewalks, you will need to play for a Farms Market Registrations. If your farmer’s market serves alcohol, you will need to apply for a Festival and Athletic Event Permit. 


Festival and Athletic Event Permits

You will need to apply for a Festival and Athletic Event permit if your event includes the following:


  • Streets will be closed

  • The event will serve alcohol

  • There are tents or one tent that covers over 400 square feet

  • There is a stage over 2 feet tall


Filming Permits

If you plan to film in a public space, including streets and sidewalks, you will need to apply for a filming permit. We can help you with large and independent productions in the expedited approval of filming permits. 

Block Party Permits

Block parties or sidewalk parties will need to get a Block Party permit on a public right of way. We can work with neighborhood associations as well as large organizations to expedite the issuance of Block Party permits. 


CPDH Liquid Waste Reporting

If you have a business that disposes of liquid waste, then you will have to file a report of liquid water to the City of Chicago Department of Public Health. We have experience getting these mandatory annual filings delivered to the city. 


Building Canopies

If you intend to install a canopy on a structure, you will have to apply for a Construction or Maintenance Canopy Permit. This applies to both rolling and stationary canopies. 


Other Transportation and Public Way Permits

You will need to apply for the appropriate permit for the following:


  • Helicopter lifts

  • Newspaper stands

  • Access to freight tunnels

  • Display vehicles 


With the exception of newspaper stands, you will need to have insurance coverage before you apply. 


CDOT DAS or Conduit Periodic Application Process

If you already have a conduit that crosses a public right of way or public property, you will have to apply for a Conduit Period Application Process. This can be a complex process. However, our Permit Expediting and Management team has experience handling these types of applications. 


CDOT Loading Zone, Standing Zone, Day Care, and Driveway Signs 

Whether you need a new or an existing change to a loading zone, standing zone, day car or driveway sign, we can handle the permitting process through the Chicago Department of Transportation. Please note that you will need an Approval Letter from your alderman before we can begin the application process. 

Frequently Asked Questions on CDOT Permitting

You may have additional questions related to the Chicago Department of Transportation CDOT permitting process. Here is what you need to know: 

Judges Examining Document

Permit Studio Can Help Guide Your Through the CDOT’s Permitting Process 


Whether you need one or multiple permits from the CDOT, Permit Studio has the experience, and the resources to properly expedite permit approvals. Our mission is to smooth out your permitting process from start to finish to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. If you have any questions about any permits related to the CDOT, do not hesitate to contact one of our Permit Expediting team members today.

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