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Zoning Ordinance and Building Code Consulting

Safeguard your projects by using our experts to ensure your design complies with government regulations. This includes plans related to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and dwelling codes. Building codes can be a complex issue. Just think, there are international codes that govern all building regulations, and then there are both state and local codes that can affect every aspect of construction.


building code consultancy

Our code specialists know local, state, and international building codes in detail. This is extremely important because an error with zoning ordinances or building codes can cause potential delays with your project. Worst yet, it can cause costly revisions.

Building codes are there to ensure the safe construction of residential and commercial buildings. Along with electrical, mechanical, and plumbing codes,  there are also structural, accessibility, energy, and fire codes that protect the health and safety of residents and visitors. Zoning ordinances can be another stumbling block to your project when you don’t have a consultant on your team. You may have found what you think is the perfect location for your construction project. But can you build it in that zoning district? Zoning ordinances dictate what can or cannot be built in a geographical area of town. For example, if they have deemed a community residential, the city will probably not accept a plan for a commercial building.  Zoning regulations can also limit the size and height of buildings based on lot size and location.


building code consultancy services

In terms of zoning and building codes, our consulting team will advise you on:

  • Architectural drawings

  • Building records/violations

  • Alternative code approval request

  • Landscape ordinance

  • House number certificates

  • Business licensing

  • Certificate of occupancy

  • Zoning administrative adjustment

  • Zoning analysis

  • Obtaining zoning certificates

  • FOIA request

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Avoiding the Most Common Building Code Violations

Building code violations can not only lead to work stoppage and fines, but they can also push back your project’s entire timeline. At Permit Studio, we have worked on many different types of projects in Chicago. We understand the common mistakes that plague many projects. Here’s a look at code violation issues that we can help you avoid:

Architect Checking Plans

Planning Phase

You don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with a number of building code violations that could have been avoided during the planning phase. Here is a look at common building violations we can help you avoid.


Fire safety

The City of Chicago takes fire safety extremely seriously. We can carefully review your plans to ensure that your project is in compliance with all fire and safety codes. This includes fire sprinklers, fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

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Don’t let misplaced electrical equipment cause an unnecessary Chicago code violation. We can consult with you on Chicago’s building code with it when it comes to the installation of any electrical wiring or equipment in a home, office, or building.



From the grading to framing, our team can help you plan out the construction to ensure that there you don’t have to deal with building violations that could have been easily avoided.

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Not sure about the occupancy code in the City of Chicago? Our team will be able to answer any questions you may have and ensure that your project is in compliance with occupancy rules through all areas of your project.



The City of Chicago has very particular codes about the energy consumption of a building. We can make sure that your project’s energy systems are in full compliance.

requirement (1).png


Does your building offer accessible egress and access according to the City of Chicago? We can provide guidance on how to avoid any code violations associated with building accessibility.

wrench (1).png


Does your building offer accessible egress and access according to the City of Chicago? We can provide guidance on how to avoid any code violations associated with building accessibility.

Construction Phrase

Building code violations during the construction stage can be really frustrating because you will have to stop work or go back and re-do work already completed. Here are some common building violations we can help you avoid.

  • Cost-cutting - Some developers and buildings want to come in under budget. However, if you pick the wrong choice of materials, it can come back to haunt you with costly building code Chicago violations. We can check the choice of materials used on a project to ensure that they are up to code.

  • Workers using the wrong procedures - Some workers can end up hitting your building with a violation because they are using the wrong materials on an installation. For instance, a window installer may use the wrong fastener. Our team can help ensure that workers are following the proper procedure during construction.

  • Lack of coordination between trade workers - Our team makes sure that your trades team can work together to ensure that everyone has enough space to properly do their work and not lead to issues that can lead to a code violation.

Construction in Progress

Keeping Your Project on the Right Side of the City’s Zoning Codes

No matter what your project needs, we can provide your team with the most up-to-date guidance on the city’s zoning codes. Here are some projects that we can assist you with:

Building Construction

Architectural drawings - We provide a full analysis of your project’s Architectural drawings to look for any errors and omissions. We also provide an Architectural submittal service to help expedite approvals.

Building records/violations - We can consult with you on any building records and violations that may affect your project before, during, and after competition.

Alternative code approval request - When you need project-specific approvals, our team can help you get the “special permission” you need to complete your project to your client’s needs or vision.

Landscape ordinance - Want to make sure that your landscaping plans are in accordance with the city’s zoning code? We can help you find out or recommend adjustments that allow you to stay in code with minimal changes.

House number certificates - Our team has helped hundreds of clients obtain house number certificates. We can help streamline the process to ensure that your home remains in code.


Business licensing - From retail to professional business, Permit Studio can advise you on the fastest and easiest way to obtain a business license. We can also advise you if your particular business requires additional licensing by the state or does not require licensing at all.

Certificate of occupancy - Make sure that your building does not encounter any violations when it comes to occupancy. We can help you obtain the proper certificate of occupancy.

Zoning administrative adjustment - The City of Chicago provides a streamlined process for select modifications such as spacing between townhomes and rear yard open spaces. We can advise you on how to get zoning approvals for such situations.

Zoning analysis - Not sure if your project or structure will be properly zoned? Our team can advise you on any zoning issues to help you avoid any unnecessary Chicago code violations.

Obtaining zoning certificates - Whether you need a Certificate of Zoning Compliance for a residential sale or a home modification, we can advise you on how to best proceed before spending time and money.

FOIA request - Need to make a Freedom of Information Access or FOIA request? We can help you legally access the government records you need to help you complete your project.


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Save Time and Money with Our Building Code Consulting Services

You don’t have to worry about building code or city code violations in Chicago with Permit Studio. Our team always stays up to date on the latest building code and zoning laws in the City of Chicago and Cook County. No matter what project you are working on, Permit Studio is here to help you remain in compliance and get your project completed.

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