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City of Chicago Easy Permit Application

If you are looking to apply for an Easy Permit, then you will need to complete, sign and submit a City of Chicago Easy Permit Application. While the application is only two pages long, it is an important part of the easy permitting process and it must be completed properly in order to receive approval for an easy permit. 


The easy permit application Chicago process will require the owner and the general contract to complete information in regard to the projects. On the application, you will find five general sections. Some of the information can be provided by the owner while the contractor should complete some other information. The application will require contact information from all subcontractors that will be working on the process. Additionally, whoever is filling out the application must be able to understand the current building information.


A Chicago Easy Permit Application Must Be Submitted Before Any Work Can Start On the Project 


In order to prevent any delays, fines, or issues with the City of Chicago, the application must be submitted and approved before any work can start on the project. Therefore, the best time to apply for an easy permit is when you have the general contractor as well as the subcontractors in place to work on the project. 


Once you have the contractors in place, the application can be submitted. Typically, the City of Chicago will be able to provide a review and approval for the application in about a few business days. If there are any errors or omissions on the application, then the approval times can be pushed back. 


Certain Issues that Can Delay an Easy Permit Application City of Chicago 


If the application has been completed properly and submitted to the right office, then there should be no issues or delays when it comes to permitting approvals. However, there are some unrelated issues that can lead to delays in the process:


  • Stop working orders - If this is a revised permit application, any current stop orders can delay approval. 

  • Landmark - A landmark property may require further review. 

  • Violation - Any existing violations can lead to a delay. 

  • Special Administrative Hold - The application can also be delayed because of a hold from the city. 

  • Floodplain or lakefront - Properties located on a lakefront and floodplain may require further review. 


Permit Studio Can Assist in Completing the City of Chicago Easy Permit Application 


Permit Studio can handle the completion of the City of Chicago easy permit application for any type of project that qualifies for an easy permit. Our team understands how to complete each section of the application and where it should be submitted in order to ensure the fastest possible review and turnaround. Additionally, the permit expediting team can handle any questions from the city concerning the applications. 


Frequently Asked Questions


If you have never applied for a City of Chicago easy permit application, then you may have questions about it. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked question. 

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